Mathias-Patterson v. Mantra Films

We provided a defense for the CEO of the entertainment company responsible for the highly successful and popular Girls Gone Wild videos, who is a frequent target of lawsuits in most cases due to his notoriety and nature of his business. In this lawsuit, a party planner/location scout for parties filed a lawsuit against the CEO and the company claiming intentional and negligent emotional distress. The claim arose after the company Halloween party. The plaintiff had found a location for it and subsequently sent a bill to the company for damages to the location, a privately owned Bel Air estate, and additional charges for alleged overages of invited guests at the party. These charges were hotly disputed by our client who had strongly indicated his disapproval to plaintiff in two short phone calls as well as a voice mail message. Plaintiff had alleged that the incident was so upsetting it had caused her a miscarriage, which was not substantiated during our deposition of her doctor. Our investigation revealed that plaintiff had other personal issues that might have been causing her distress. While prior mediations had led us to believe that settlement was highly unlikely, we scheduled one final mediation before trial and this time it resolved the case. We had an outstanding entertainment law mediator who worked both sides leading to substantial movement and a settlement acceptable to all parties.

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