The members of our firm all understand that we have nothing to sell but service . All of us understand how competitive the marketplace for legal services is and how many choices a corporation, insurance company, or individual has when they have a need for litigation help. We strive everyday to make the lives of the people who retain us a little bit easier and hopefully, that will make your choice among law firms that much easier.

Consequently, we developed the following: LITIGATION TIMEFRAME as a pledge to all those who retain us; that in our daily lives we will respond to your needs and be there for you every time you need us.


Action Allowable Time Frame
Response to Phone Calls same day if before noon
Response to E-Mails same day if before noon
Response to Faxes same day if before noon
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Case 1 day
File Set-Up After Receipt of Case 2 days
Telephone Consultation w/Carrier/Client Following Receipt of Case 2 days
Complete Litigation Plan After Receipt of Case 60 days
Complete Litigation Budget After Receipt of Case 30 days
Personal Meeting w/ Client After Receipt of Case 14 days
Report to Carrier/Client After Discovery Responses Received 3 days
Summary Reports to Carrier/Client Following Depositions 3 days
Report to Carrier/Client of Depositions or Other Discovery which Significantly Changes Prior Evaluations 3 days
Consultation w/Carrier/Client Before Pre-Trial, Mandatory Settlement, or Settlement Conferences 10 days prior
Final Evaluation and Discussion of Disposition Opportunities 2 days prior
Written Notification of Settlement to Client When Matter is Settled 1 day
Send Formal Closing Letter After Receiving Settlement Documents 1 day
Written Report to Client and Claims at Conclusion of Arbitration or Trial 3 days

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