The Firm

Our law firm is located in downtown Los Angeles, where we have practiced civil litigation defense throughout our careers.

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality litigation services and accordingly, our firm has been given the highest ratings for both professional competence and ethical conduct by Martindale-Hubbell, America’s foremost rating service for attorneys. We have no attorneys at our firm that aren’t trial lawyers and collectively we have taken over 100 cases through trial . Since our traditional business has involved servicing the insurance industry and those businesses that self-insure as to general liability matters, while existing in a market where insurance companies use in-house counsel to a degree unknown in most parts of the country, we have over the years developed market niches in disciplines where insurance companies characteristically do not refer matters to their in-house counsel.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best law firm you can possibly imagine.

We want to be the best place for attorneys to invest their time, effort, and imagination in order to provide for their futures. We want to be a workplace where our staff can feel happy and productive, and look forward to coming to work each day. Most of all though, we want to be who you think of when you need to place your trust and confidence in someone to help you with a legal problem. 

We strive every day to serve our clients with distinction and a full measure of professional acumen, to fully understand our client’s objectives, respond to them promptly, and to achieve the desired results at an acceptable cost.

Our law firm was founded as a civil litigation firm concentrating on serving the insurance industry and individual business clients. The principle guiding our practice is that clients are better served by lawyers dedicated to achieving great results than they are by having their litigation problems fed into the sort of assembly-line process that is typical of many of our competitors. Each case that comes to us is assigned an accomplished veteran trial lawyer at its inception, who will see the matter through to its conclusion as the primary case handler. Each case is also assigned a younger associate, who will assist throughout. We are sure that assigning work in this manner insures that the firm’s collective knowledge about a case is concentrated in the people who will be responsible for the case should it proceed through trial.

We know from experience that our way of handling a case is the most efficient and economical; efficient because trial preparation involves review of details rather than learning about a case for the first time; economical because transferring a case from an assembly-line to a trial lawyer on the eve of trial means repetitive and excessive billing. In addition to avoiding layered billing and inefficiency, our philosophy also allows for the earliest possible assessment of whether settlement is feasible. We evaluate early and often, so that each stage of litigation is undertaken because a cost-benefit settlement cannot be achieved.

Since we have defended insurance fraud cases for years, we know what it is to dig in and win, but it has not escaped our attention over the years that our clients appreciate early resolutions and that our repeat business comes in some measure from displaying our ability to hone in on ways to bring problems to a quick conclusion. Although we are very proud of our track record in the trial courts, we are equally proud of our ability to create opportunities for favorable resolutions and take advantage of them.

Unlike many of our competitors, our firm is made up of trial lawyers only, including 4 senior trial attorneys that combine for over 100 years of aggregate experience, and younger associates who are working diligently towards becoming accomplished professionals. We have nobody at our firm whose singular function it is to own the firm, minister to it, or sell its services. All of us have dedicated our careers to the pursuit of professional excellence. We absolutely appreciate the difference between a firm like ours, that is structured on a “knights of the round table” theme and one that operates more as an assembly-line, pyramid scheme and we are sure that our clients understand and appreciate that difference.

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We offer both split and blended rates in accordance with client preference.

Our standard billing practices respond to the most stringent industry requirements. Your comments and questions are of great interest to us.

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