Encino Biltmore v. Thomas

In this matter at a former firm, I represented an apartment complex management company that was having troubles with a problem tenant who was harassing the tenants and making life so miserable for building managers that they kept quitting. The tenant had been verbally abusive and had a long history of harassment that caused tenants to leave. It would have been a very easy case, but it was a rent control apartment and the problem tenant was an elderly woman. Previous unlawful detainer attempts had failed. Defendant had failed to comply with attempts at mediation and arbitration over her long tenancy. Plaintiff had constantly replaced appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures in her apartment, but defendant still continued to torment each new manager on a daily basis. This time she did not prevail. It was a 12-0 verdict in our favor. She had sprayed pesticide in the one of the manager’s eyes, and committed other acts against the managers that really hurt the sympathy factor.

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