Coffey v. Paul

In this matter, Plaintiff, a very successful executive producer behind children’s TV shows: “Rugrats,” “Ren & Stimpy” and “Doug” was claiming extraordinary damages resulting from water leaks to her Marina del Rey, CA home following an extensive remodeling from 1999-2001. In addition to damage to the home, plaintiff alleged loss of income and health problems due to mold. The home had beautiful modern architecture and french glass doors everywhere with a rooftop deck that provided a view of the Pacific Ocean. It also leaked everywhere during rain storms and California had been through back to back record rain storms in 2004 and 2005 during the winter months. We represented a subcontractor who had done some re-shingling in two areas of her roof, one of which showed no leaking. In the other area, it was inconclusive and the house was leaking everywhere. We settled very early in this one at the first mediation after bringing our roofing expert. Plaintiff’s expert could not show where or what our client’s work did to have contributed to the water damage in the home. Unfortunately, before the case could conclude and the meager check we sent them clear, plaintiff fired her counsel. We had to patiently wait while opposing counsel cleared up their fee dispute, then bring the other carriers back on board to complete the settlement, so an early success was perfected and cost and indemnity remained very low.

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