Barnett v. Town & Country

In this matter, we defended Town & Country Event rentals, one of the largest Hollywood Party Rental Companies who provided staging for a company party at the LA Country Club. Plaintiff fell off the stage and broke his femur. He also had knee arthroplasty. The original demand was for $1,000,000.00. The other defendants settled after the first mediation. Defendant PDP (host of the party) paid $400,000 and LA Country Club paid $125,000. We received a new 998 demand of 500k from plaintiff but continued to defend and found a witness who stated that Plaintiff appeared intoxicated and fell off the stage while dancing with another guest. None of the other 8 percipient witnesses had acknowledged this detail before the other parties had settled. Plaintiff settled for $65,000 with our client. This was a fantastic result. We were more than ready to go to trial and would have gone had not Plaintiff drastically reduced his settlement demand.

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