Plaintiff vs. Shopping Center–Los Angeles Superior Court

Plaintiff was a 72 year-old retired restaurant manager who tripped and fell in a major Los Angeles shopping center parking garage. She claimed that the garage was poorly lit, and that a handrail and handicapped ramp should have been installed at the curb. She suffered a compression fracture at T-12, and fractured hip, with femoral replacement. With past medical expenses of $46,127.99 and future medical specials of $220,130.00, she demanded $100,000.00. Defendant’s earlier offer of $20,000.00 was withdrawn when the trial began.

This was a difficult case, given the high profile of the target, an upscale West Los Angeles shopping center, and the extra sympathy that elderly litigants usually obtain from a jury.

The jury returned a defense verdict, 12-0.

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