Restaurant, Hotel, and Hospitality Litigation


The restaurant and hospitality industry is a very important one that many people utilize on a regular basis for business travel, vacation, or a night out. While this industry is focused on providing great service to customers, there is always a chance that an accident could happen that results in a liability claim. Further, there are various complexities that come with operating this type of business. Due to this, anyone that owns or manages a business in this industry should have an attorney available. These legal professionals can offer various helpful services.

Liability Support

One of the ways that you can benefit from working with an attorney is by receiving liability support. The foodservice and hospitality industry will take on a lot of different liability risks on a regular basis. These include the risks of a slip and fall, serving food that causes an illness, liquor liability, or negligent security. Your legal team can help you evaluate these claims and will provide any support with settlement and negotiations necessary. 

Zoning and Licensing

Anyone that would like to open a restaurant or hotel will need to have proper zoning in place. While some communities are receptive to the opening of new businesses, others have much more stringent zoning requirements. Your attorney will help you evaluate this risk for your new business. This will include ensuring that your business is built following these zoning laws or that you receive any necessary variance. This can help your organization avoid various types of challenges that could occur. 

When you are in need of legal services, the team with Nelson Griffin LLP is a great group to contact. The lawyers and legal team with this firm can help your hospitality and restaurant business with any legal issues. This can include help with liability claims, licensing and zoning needs, or business formation. All of these services will help to build and protect your business.

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