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Our experienced entertainment litigators have successfully defended studios, production companies for film, television and streaming services, producers, directors, writers and actors. We also have transactional experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating acquisition, financing and distribution deals for all media.

For independent films, we can review all the production agreements, bank financing, employment agreements, music licensing, clearance, E&O and film production insurance packages.

For Live Events, Nelson Griffin has handled everything from event cancelation to catastrophic injury. We have defended music venues, stadiums, concert halls, theaters, music promoters, music artists, staging companies and security.

For Sports and Recreation, we have defended numerous cases for Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). We have defended professional and amateur sports teams, athletes, fitness clubs, amusement parks, water parks and recreation centers. For most sports participation, these matters are guided by waivers and assumption of risk agreements. We can consult with clients and provide risk management services as well as litigation defense.

What Type of Scenario Is Most-Often Seen?

Some of the most common cases seen in entertainment and sports legal activities are contract disputes and estate planning.  A case could involve intellectual property or physical property as well.  On occasion, celebrities are accused of being involved in criminal matters.  A knowledgeable lawyer can build a solid defense, such as proving the defendant has a lack of good solid evidence. 

Where Can Someone Practice Entertainment or Sports Law?

Many lawyers, such as Nelson Griffin LLP, have their own practice that excels at these types of litigation.  They know their niche inside and out and are superbly qualified to represent their clientele either inside or outside a courtroom.

There are often occasions where a sports team or a well-known celebrity will hire their own private attorney on retainer.  Sometimes this is an exclusive role and the specified attorney does not take on any other clients. 

Other Legal Services Offered By an Entertainment Lawyer

These activities include securing talent releases, advising teams or individuals of the law.  Another part of the job of an entertainment lawyer is to negotiate fee arrangements and job-related contracts.  Nelson Griffin LLP offers all of these services. 

Experience Counts

Our skilled attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the entertainment and sports industries.  They can tell the difference between a real victim and somebody who is only seeking to cash in on the fame of the celebrity in question.

Your Reputation Means Everything To Us

At Nelson Griffin LLP, we fight like lions to defend the reputation of our clients.  We have an astounding success rate and many loyal customers to attest to this.  Our client list is completely confidential.  However, we can tell that it reads like a who’s who of their respective fields.  Do not wait until a reason presents itself, make it a point to contact us today.

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