Construction Defect is a specialty of Nelson Griffin and we have attorneys that belong to the California Builders Association. Our construction defect defense team has experience in defending general contractors, developers, subcontractors, architects and engineers ranging from large scale commercial or residential projects to single family residences.

Besides typical construction defect defense, we have handled landslides, complex soil movement, slope failure and mold cases.

Common Scenarios When a Construction Attorney is Required

Determining when you need a construction lawyer is not a straightforward answer and depends on specific factual circumstances. However, some general principles apply.


A construction lawyer can identify problematic contract clauses that could result in you carrying a liability or risk. As part of this review, the attorney can negotiate a more favorable agreement that protects you and your employees. They can also assist with quantum meruit, unjust enrichment, a breach of contract, and countless other disputes.

Defective Construction Claim

An attorney can offer clarity and can help avoid litigation in the instance of a defective construction claim. They also can uncover the party at fault and who could be liable for this claim.

Jobsite Injury

Workers’ compensation disputes and injury claims can quickly become ugly. A lawyer will keep all details organized and the process on track, thus hopefully eliminating the need for courtroom appearances.


Although you legally have the option to represent yourself in court, a higher probability of success exists when hiring an experienced lawyer. They can also identify and analyze cross-claims that are beneficial for your case.

Lien Foreclosure

Since a foreclosure involves a civil court lawsuit, having an experienced attorney is recommended to represent you with all negotiations.

Construction attorneys work to ensure construction projects operate expertly and smoothly without issue by defending and representing the industrious workers of the United States. Our homes, buildings, and roads would be in a state of disarray if not for those managing our infrastructure daily, including the workers that defend them.

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