Insurance Fraud case. This involved a rogue lawyer who we found had filed 33 cases in ten years with himself as plaintiff. He was suspended by the state bar, but that decision was on appeal. Here, he had demanded a $95 detailing of his car for the nominal $8 price for a regular wash. When denied, he followed the owner around flashing an empty camera in his eyes, until when attempts by employees to restrain him were made, he sent one of them to the hospital emergency room, and later sued, demanding $40,000 in settlement. Plaintiff/opposing counsel switched his offices in secret and had his secretary inspect the mail to him in the mail room of his office building before accepting it, so he claimed not to get our motions to compel and to dismiss.

The case was transferred among many of the judges in the Van Nuys courthouse, all of whom were seeking to avoid him, until landing in Mike Farrell’s department, where it was finally dismissed before trial.

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