Jacques, et al. v. Morningside Recovery LLC, et al.

Facts: Plaintiffs’ decedent died at our client’s alcohol addiction treatment facility. Our clients, the facility and the facility’s owner, were the “last man standing” as all other defendants had settled before trial.

Result: After the close of Plaintiffs’ case, we prevailed on a motion for nonsuit in favor of the facility’s owner, as there was no evidence of any wrongdoing on his part aside from his role as the facility’s owner. Plaintiffs prevailed at trial against the facility, a defunct LLC with no assets.

Note: ECM was trial attorney. LRN was second chair. RJM was third chair. RJM assisted throughout life of case, with trial preparation, trial support (research and briefing of issues which arise during trial), and post-trial motions. RJM drafted and argued motions in limine, and the motion for nonsuit on which we prevailed.

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