This action involved a 403(b) organization that provides consulting services to athletes and celebrities regarding setting up charitable foundations. They hired our client, a marketing company, to a produce a celebrity fundraiser at an A List director’s home in Miami during the Super Bowl. While the party appeared to be a great success, the relationship between the companies soured following another fundraising event in Texas and a bitter dispute resulted. Plaintiff accused the marketing company of allowing numerous guests access to the party without collecting donations among other claims. On the other hand, the marketing company did not receive all of its commissions for bringing the majority of corporate sponsors to the event. Plaintiff originally filed a complaint for 12 causes of action and demanded $10,000,000.00. Later, plaintiff amended the complaint with fifteen causes of action and demanded $15,000,000.00. Our client filed a cross-action. This was a total dog fight with depositions taken in New York, Miami and Washington state, Eventually, plaintiff’s original counsel filed a motion to be relieved as counsel before trial and an upcoming Mandatory Settlement Conference. Just when it appeared that plaintiff would have no representation, a well known celebrity criminal defense attorney was retained by them. After several settlement conferences, the parties did work out a settlement satisfactory to all sides. This one was a wild ride with lots of twists, turns and drama.

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