Bass v. AEG

This matter involved a stage hand working on construction of the stage for the MTV Video music awards. Plaintiff fell and injury himself. He originally claimed stage collapse but then admitted he may have walked on a piece of unattached scenery. Plaintiff suffered injuries to his head, neck, shoulders, left hand, wrist, back, hip knees and legs. His list of injuries included traumatic brain injury, memory loss, uncontrollable twitching, convulsions, sleep walking, vision failure, left wrist fracture, sleepless ness and suicidal ideation. Plaintiff displayed Tourette’s syndrome during two depositions. Plaintiff’s demand at mediation was 3 million dollars. Ultimately there was a global settlement with our client making a contribution of 51k to Plaintiff and 34k to the workers comp carrier that had filed a complaint in intervention. This was an excellent result considering the amount of medical treatment involved and large workers comp settlement that had already been paid.

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