Supermarket Liability


Supermarkets may need a defense from claims arising from premise liability or food borne illnesses. Most claims against supermarkets arise from slip and fall accidents. These could be arising from produce on the ground, a wet floor or another hazard. However, a grocery store may not have liability when the alleged dangerous condition is open and obvious to all the other customers. If there are sufficient signs warning customers of a hazard that should be avoided, it might be sufficient notice and no liability may be found.

Foodborne illnesses such as listeria or salmonella can wreak havoc on supermarkets when these claims are brought. When supermarkets keep clear grinding logs, they can be better defended. Through good record keeping, the cause of the outbreak might be attributed to the meat producer rather than the supermarket chain. It is important for supermarkets to audit their safety precautions and their policies at the deli counter. Nelson Griffin has experience in defending liability claims against supermarkets.

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