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Malpractice allegations can destroy the success and name of a business. For doctors, architects, corporate entities, healthcare organizations, and any other professional, the effects of such claims can be serious. When your business is faced with misconduct or malpractice claims, you need a quality attorney you can trust to provide you with the best professional liability defense. 

At Nelson Griffin LLP, we will represent your case with sensitivity and skill. As your professional liability defense, you can rely on us to fight to protect your interests from claims of malpractice. Our firm is committed to protecting our clients’ reputations and finances. We do so through our legal support services, and we have a proven record of success.

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Professional liability, or professional malpractice, defense is needed when someone is allegedly injured as a result of a professional performing their duties improperly. This kind of lawsuit can affect any type of professional, from accountants to engineers. 

Our experienced attorneys can protect your rights from the beginning to the end of a case. We are knowledgeable in all areas of California professional liability law, and we will work to understand the exact details and dynamics of your situation to ensure you have the strongest case possible.

Our attorneys have experience with a variety of circumstances related to professional liability defense. We provide the strategy and experience to offer you the following services:

  • Preventing malpractice claims through compliance
  • Claim dismissal through motion practice
  • Arbitration, mediation, appraisal, and other means of resolving disputes
  • Litigation before a judge and jury

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Here at Nelson Griffin LLP, we are known for our ability to litigate at the highest level on your behalf. As a result, our firm has been given the highest ratings for both professional competence and ethical conduct by Martindale-Hubbell, America’s foremost rating service for attorneys. 

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