Premises Liability


Nelson Griffin has handled a large volume of premises liability cases. In California, property owners must provide reasonable safe conditions for those who visit, shop, work or patronize their business and/or property maintained, owned or controlled by them. In some instances, there may be an obligation to warn of potential hazards on the property. The first step is actually determining if a duty of care was owed by the property owner to the injured party. If the accident was not foreseeable, there may be no duty of care owed. If the injured party was a trespasser or someone who had no legal right to be on the property, there may be no duty of care owed. Even if a Plaintiff can establish a duty of care was owed, they still have to show breach of the duty. They must also prove that the breach was the proximate cause of their injuries. While many premise liability cases may be slip and fall accidents, they may arise in a variety of ways. Nelson Griffin attorneys have defended premises liability cases arising at sporting events, music concerts, amusement parks, gyms, schools, government properties, businesses and homes to name a few but by no means exclusive list.

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